Elections 2007

HTA Board of Directors Elections scheduled to be held on December 9th, Sunday 2007. Please contact Asha Jain at 480-831-8767(Nomination Committee Chair) for more info. (posted on November 4th, 2007)

avatar193459_2Nomination Form 2008 Elections(Fill online or Print it)

avatar193459_2 Download Nomination form (pdf version)

avatar193459_2 Letter to Devotees from Nomination Committee Chair

avatar193459_2 Agenda for December 9th, 2007 (Election/ AGM Day)

avatar193459_2 Election Procedures for Dec. 9th, 2007 Elections at HTA

avatar193459_2Secretary’s AGM Report for 2007

avatar193459_2 Treasurer’s AGM Report

avatar193459_2 Final Results:Elections held on Dec. 9th, 2007

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