Our Vision: "Build and maintain a Hindu Temple in Arizona, with multiple deities, with Shri Venkataeshwara, Shri Radha Krishna and Shri Ram Parivar as main deities with equal prominence, built per Hindu traditions."

Board of Directors (2022)....

Hindu Temple of Arizona holds its annual elections each year for the Board of Directors whose term expires on December 31st, Typically in any given year , there are appximately five to seven directors who complete their term and the remaining directors continue with their term as usual. Each year the new devotees who are qualified for the director's position fill in the empty spots left by the out-going directors. This Temple by virtue of its central location attracts more devotees than any other Temple in the valley. The Board of Directors have always been very hardworking, dedicated and spend lot of time to better the Temple and make it convenient for the Temple devotees. We appreciate all the hardwork that they do for the Temple. Following is the list of current Board of Directors:

HTA Board (2022)
  • Ravinder Aggarwal (President) - 602-538-8104
  • Manju Walia (Vice President) - 480-250-2519
  • Rohit Aggarwal (Secretary/Joint Communication chair) - 480-745-4347
  • Chander Sethi (Treasurer) 480-274-7777
  • Gaurav Sharma (Joint Secretary and Communication Chair) - 480-363-4405
  • Meenakshi Varma (Joint Puja Committee Chair) - 718-577-8494
  • Trinath Naik (Joint Treasurer) 623-565-6808
  • Purnima Sharma (Director) - 602-330-7465
  • Surinder Khurana (Director) - 626-476-3226
  • Arvind Kumar (Director) 480-842-1659
  • Dilip Chakravarti (Director) 469-688-3974
  • Manju Sharma (Director) 602-459-2828
  • Surinder Tuli (Director) 480-287-1437
  • Dr. Harnath Singh (Fund Raising Chair/Past- President) 928-600-6811

HTA Board of Directors 2022

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Lord Ganesha

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