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Our Vision: "Build and maintain a Hindu Temple in Arizona, with multiple deities, with Shri Venkataeshwara, Shri Radha Krishna and Shri Ram Parivar as main deities with equal prominence, built per Hindu traditions."

Board Elections....

Hindu Temple of Arizona holds its annual elections for those outgoing directors whose term expires on December 31st of any particular year. Every qualified devotee is eligible to run for the Director's position as long as he/she meets all the requirements as laid out under the HTA Constitution. Elections are done in a very peaceful and cordial atmosphere. From a historical perspective, there has been few years where the candidates were elected unanimously and hence no ballots were cast. The Temple always looks forward to those dedicated members who can spare some time from their busy schedules and devote some time to the Temple and its devotees. We owe a great sense of gratitude to all our Devotees, volunteers, Directors who have put the interests of the Temple in front of their own. May God bless all of them with everything cherished in life.

Should you desire to be one of the Directors for Hindu Temple of Arizona, please ensure you have read thoroughly the basic requirements of the position you are seeking. Most of this information is in the HTA Constitution.

Following information pertains to the elections held in the past and current year. We will post the latest information when it becomes available. You are being requested to contact the Temple Secretary or Board President in case you need access to any documents pertaning to the elections and or operations of the HTA. Thank you!!

green arrowElections to be held during November-December of 2015

green arrow Election dates were established but no elections were held due to the lack of required quorum.

green arrowElection dates were established but no elections were held due to the lack of required quorum.

green arrowElection dates were established but no elections were held due to the lack of required quorum.

green arrowTo be announced

green arrowWebmaster waiting for the New Board to submit all final reports.

green arrowHTA Board needs to submit the reports

In this section, you will find the periodic Financial statements related to the Hindu Temple of Arizona. Should you find any statistical error or have any questions/ suggestions, please send them directly to the HTA Treasurer.

green arrowHTA Financial Statement Year 2005 Page 1of 2 | Page 2of 2 |

green arrowIncome & Expense Report: January 2006 thru June 30th, 2006

green arrowIncome & Expenses Report Year 2006 (1/1/06-12/3/06)

green arrowIncome & Expenses Report YEAR 2006 (FINAL)

green arrowIncome & Expences Repo. 30th, 2007)rt (Jan. 1st, 2007 thru Nov



Lord Ganesha

Just like you count on this Temple , the Temple counts on you as well. Please donate generously. Bring your family and friends for daily, weekly worshiping and also to attend Special Events. This Temple hosts many events throughout the Year. check our Special Upcoming Events schedule.

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