Elections 06


Bulletin Board :Elections 2007

Please make a Note that the deadline to Fill Out Nomination Form for Elections Year 2007 is November 17th, 2007-Thank You ---(Kamal Kharbanda)

bulb1 Fill Out Online Nomination Form for 2007 Elections (Acrobat ver. 7 required-click)

bulb1 Download nomination Form (zip file)

bulb1 Read Nomination Process (pdf format)

bulb1 Letter to the Devotees from Nomination Committee Chairperson (Kamal Kharbanda)

 bulb1 Check Out the List of Nominated Candidates new2

bulb1 Election Day Schedule

bulb1 HTA Secretary’s Report Dec. 3, 2006 (AGM)new2

bulb1 Election Results (held on Dec. 3rd, 2006)new2

bulb1 Election Committee Final Report 2007new2

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